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Health Net Awarded "Health Equity Accreditation Plus" by Prestigious National Committee for Quality Assurance

Date: 09/29/22

Health Net's Sophisticated Health Equity Model of Care for Medi-Cal, Marketplace, Medicare and Commercial Members Earns First-in-the-Nation Recognition for the Company

SACRAMENTO (September 29, 2022)Health Net announced today that it is one of nine healthcare organizations in the nation to receive the first-ever Health Equity Accreditation Plus by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for all lines of business, including Medi-Cal, Marketplace, Medicare and Commercial. This new, advanced designation builds on NCQA's foundational Health Equity Accreditation program. That program sets a robust framework for improving health equity by helping organizations identify and close care gaps.

According to NCQA, standards for the new Health Equity Accreditation Plus designation include:

  • Partnering with community-based organizations.
  • Offering resources that support clinical and social needs.
  • Collecting data on community social risk factors and patients' social needs.
  • Making clear to members and patients how their data are used, shared and protected.

"This accreditation by one of the most respected quality organizations in the country is a testament to our team, our partners, and most importantly, the living-out of our mission to work tirelessly to improve the lives of those we serve," said Brian Ternan, CEO of Health Net. "The path to good health doesn't start and end at the door of the hospital or a doctor's office. We will continue to build on the work we've done to make our healthcare system more equitable for all Californians."

Recognized Innovator in Closing Health Equity Gaps

The new NCQA designation comes on the heels of the Institute for Medicaid Innovation (IMI)'s recognition of Health Net for closing health equity gaps during the pandemic. Earlier this year, IMI hosted a webinar to examine and highlight initiatives that addressed social determinants of health and health inequities exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among them, Health Net had four programs that were showcased to attendees: the company's COVID-19 Telehealth Capacity Support Initiative, Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital Street Medicine Program, Family Hui Initiative and its Los Angeles Food Bank Pilot.

A History of Driving Health Equity

Health Net understands that the needs of Medi-Cal members are as diverse as the state itself. That's why the company has pioneered innovative approaches to health equity for more than a decade. We've built teams, models and innovative approaches that improve access, deliver culturally centered care and reduce health disparities.

In fact, from 2011 to 2021, NCQA awarded Health Net its "Multicultural Health Care Distinction" award for its Commercial, Medicare and Medicaid lines of business. Health Net was the first health plan to earn this award for all three lines of business.

Based on its health equity programs, interventions and grants to community-based organizations, Health Net has documented key findings and recommendations that drive health equity. The company has highlighted insights in the recent report, "Getting to Care." Stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem can apply these insights to help shrink care gaps and improve health outcomes for Medi-Cal members.

Experience, Expertise & Evolution

Health Net is one of California's longest-serving and most-experienced Medi-Cal partners. The company understands the unique barriers that Medi-Cal members face, which is why Health Net embraces and emphasizes culturally appropriate training and care for its provider partners.

Health Net has also expanded beyond the traditional role of providing access to quality healthcare services. The health plan works to address all factors that impact health, such as funding and partnering with local community-based organizations to address food insecurity and homelessness.

Health Net has developed, implemented and evolved its whole-person model over several years. Leveraging data strategically, simplifying solutions and caring for patients in channels they trust are the most critical factors to drive improvements in quality care. Health Net has outlined these observations and best practices in the report, Innovating Within Medi-Cal, housed on the company's Bridging The Divide website.

As part of this evolution, the company has eagerly contributed to the development of the state's new groundbreaking CalAIM program. Health Net has led in its implementation across its statewide footprint. To help strengthen the system and drive equity, Health Net's experts shared early lessons learned with key stakeholders throughout the healthcare industry.

This deep experience, expertise and evolution has made a real difference for Californians. Health Net has received a variety of awards and accolades for driving health equity, implementing culturally-centered care and delivering world class customer service to support their members.

Last Updated: 09/29/2022