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Small Business Group Plans

When it comes to your business, Health Net knows how important each choice you make is. Value and low-cost are top of mind. We strive to give you options and make your interests our own. Enroll your business in one of our group plans and let us take care of the rest!

For detailed plan information, plan overviews and more, check out our SBG Portfolio Guide (PDF) and also our SBG Desktopper (PDF).

The Full Network HMO is our broadest HMO option spanning 30 counties across California and offering access to over 60,000 physicians (PCPs & Specialists) and over 250 hospitals within the service area. This network is great for employers looking to offer wide provider choice and broad access across California, within a classic HMO structure.

The WholeCare HMO network includes a select subset of our Full HMO network to include the most cost-efficient providers without compromise in quality or benefits. This flagship network spans 30 counties across California and offers access to over 39,000 physicians (PCPs/ Specialists) and over 250 hospitals within the service area.

SmartCare HMO is a network of trusted, high-quality provider groups and hospitals. With easy-to-use benefits, predictable costs and a quality network, SmartCare is an attractive, whole-health option for you and your family.

Salud HMO y Más addresses the needs of Southern California. It gives you access to a quality group of doctors and hospitals where you live or work. One more great reason to choose Health Net – Scripps Health in San Diego has been added to the current group of providers within Salud HMO y Más, including access to 13 Scripps HealthExpress Clinics for same day care for minor ailments and injuries. You have flexible crossborder access to SIMNSA's network providers in northern Mexico through all Salud y Más medical groups.

A tailored HMO network available in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties that offers more freedom than our other HMO options. Your primary care physician can refer you to any specialist within the entire CommunityCare HMO network, not just specialists within your physician group. This network also includes plans that have deductibles to allow for greater control of costs and premiums, while providing access to over 16,000 physicians (PCPs/Specialists) and over 75 hospitals within the service area.

PPO plans make it possible for employees to get the flexibility they want when it comes to a health care provider. Our Full PPO network is one of the largest in California, with a provider network that spans all 58 California counties. Members may access doctors and facilities that are in the network for best cost effectiveness and quality of care, but still have the flexibility to visit providers outside of the network. Effective November 1, 2023, members covered under Health Net group PPO plans issued in California will have access to the national Cigna Healthcare PPO Network for services outside of California which features over 1 million providers and 6,200 facilities available Nationwide. The access to Cigna Healthcare PPO Network is designed to serve both Small and Large California-based employer groups.

Last Updated: 02/06/2024