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Employer Group Pharmacy

Drug Lists

A drug list, or formulary, is a list of covered drugs selected by Health Net and a team of health care providers. These drugs are chosen because they are thought of as important factors of a quality treatment program. Our drug lists are updated on a regular basis and are subject to change. Please note there is no guarantee that a specific drug found on our lists will be prescribed for a certain medical condition.

Please select the appropriate drug list based on your group size. Members may check their plan documents for additional guidance as to which list pertains to their particular plan.

  • If you wish to see if a particular drug is included in your most current drug list, use the appropriate search tool link below
  • If you are a member and you wish to find out your price for a specific drug at your preferred pharmacy, you can do so from the Pharmacy page of your member portal.
  • As always, members can call the number on the back of their member ID card for assistance.
Last Updated: 06/27/2024